"I guide my clients to powerfully heal; to gain clarity, peace, direction and empowerment so they can reconnect deeply with themselves and their inner Warrior, create incredible shifts in their lives and move from surviving to thriving.

I offer a range of healing therapies, coaching and Intuitive guidance; available both in person and globally via zoom"



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Are you yearning for change, freedom and clarity in all areas of your life?
Are you struggling with feeling motivated or aligned in your body, mind or soul?
Are you tired of suffering from physical, mental or emotional pain?

My Soul purpose is to help people, just like you, step into the greatest version of themselves! I am here to remind you there is ALWAYS hope, there is always a way to get back on track and to be free from the pain of the past!

I am incredibly passionate about empowering others and know through my own experience that healing is not only possible, but probable for EVERYONE. I offer a range of healing modalities and services- check out the services tab at the top of the page to find which service best suits your needs. You are able to purchase your session via the 'purchase now' link at the bottom of each of the services pages. You will also find instructions for securing your booking time.

**Please note, there is generally a 2-3 week wait for appointments, I do have a cancellation list which you can choose to be added to. I endeavour to meet the needs of all my clients by offering varying appointment times. Prior to purchasing, please ensure you understand that whilst every effort is made to accommodate your choice of session day/time, this can not be guaranteed and no refunds will be given for this reason or for a change of mind. Feel free to contact me directly so we can discuss availability and how I can best help you prior to your purchase. 
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You are not your story- you have a story! It is no longer necessary for you to remain shackled to your past. You have a CHOICE to be free from past trauma and pain.

Everyday is a new chance for a new beginning, for a fresh start, for you to decide that you no longer want to just  survive; you want to THRIVE! 


Your Greatest Self.


Allow yourself to feel the freedom of moving past all that no longer serves you, stepping into YOUR power and living in your fullest potential!