As a highly trained Psychic, one of the most common things I hear from my clients after their readings is wow, that’s amazing, how do you do that, how do you know?!

The truth is, we are ALL born psychic, you may call it a ‘knowing’, ‘ a ‘gut feeling’, an ‘instinct’ or even a ‘coincidence’.


You know, those moments where you think of someone and they call, those moments you know with absolute clarity that your child is unwell, the moment you have a gut feeling about someone when you meet them or a strong feeling about a situation- that is your inner compass, your inner knowing, your intuition.

And like any other muscle in our bodies, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.


During this 2 hour Webinar you will learn all about your inner compass; how to understand, navigate  and trust your intuition with clarity and how to harness and strengthen your natural abilities. You will be guided in connecting with your higher self and Spirit guides and learn how to work with energy and so you can live an intuitively guided life.


This is for you if:
↔️You have a tendency to doubt or second guess yourself
🤯You struggle to make decisions
😫You feel disconnected from yourself
📱 You often seek advice from friends/family before making a decision
😎You’re interested to learn about your intuition
🤩You’d like to trust yourself and your decisions
🧚You’re ready to unlock and learn how to strengthen your intuition
💁‍♀️You’re ready to live an intuitively guided life! 

Investment $77.00

To purchase this live recorded Webinar and view at your leisure, 

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My signature workshop- EMPOWERYOU WOMEN'S WORKSHOP


I am incredibly passionate about empowering others. I know through my own learnings and experience that everything you need is within you; it may be laying dormant right now, but it is WITHIN YOU! It is my Soul purpose to teach, motivate and inspire others to not only realise their potential but to activate their empowerment and unleash their inner Warrior!

During this workshop, you have access to all that I know, to all that I do- to the tools, strategies, hands on self healing techniques and much more so you can move forward with hope, knowledge, passion and zest. Once you know, you know- A mind opened to new dimensions can never go back.

Once you have acquired the knowledge and tools, you are guided through the knowing of how to embody. You will experience a deep reconnection with yourself through guided meditation, a letting go of the old and a welcoming of your highest self.

A deeply healing and nurturing workshop to expand, grow and Empower YOU.

This workshop covers the following topics: 

*Mindset Matters

*Energy and the Law of Attraction

*Emotions Unlocked

*Lessons, blessings and the Soul journey

*Hands on self healing techniques

*Q & A

EmpowerYOU Women's Workshop is a fully catered workshop, running from 9am- 1pm. You receive my mini book- created as an extension to the course content, a beautiful gift and lifetime access to the EmpowerYOU Women's Workshop private Facebook group (for participants only), where you receive ongoing support and a beautiful sense of community. 






My Workshops are available Australia wide, based on demand. When weather allows, I choose to facilitate my workshops outdoors. All events are shared to my Facebook and Instagram pages- Amanda Harris Healing.

Upcoming Workshop dates: 10th  January- Young, NSW

                                                      14th   March-    Young, NSW

                                                       6th    June-       Bega, NSW

                                                      (TBA) July-        Illawarra, NSW


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