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"I have had a CTC Session with Amanda and she is an amazing Therapist. Highly intuitive, warm and professional. We managed to release a lot of negative beliefs, fears and negative emotions and I'm feeling free and ready to take on life without any hold backs. Forever grateful".

-Stephanie Lang

"My CTC session with Amanda was professional, liberating and life changing! Amanda was nurturing, compassionate and intuitive. Thank you for helping me let go of everything that was weighing me down and for your love and care"

-Giuliana Ryan

"A little while ago I undertook a CTC Session with Amanda Harris. I did this as I had recently been handed a redundancy and thought that a positive attitude going into the surgery would be beneficial. And the prospect of being unemployed at 60 for a period of time could have an impact on my mental well being. I am very skeptical by nature so really didn't expect much to be perfectly honest. However, I am open minded enough to try something that just might help me. 

Amanda was easy to talk to and she was able to make me feel very comfortable and safe throughout the session which helped me open up to her.

I felt Amanda to be knowledgeable and confident which gave me every confidence in her. I found she was able to drill down to my past past and identify the root causes as to why I am like I am, which helped me to understand myself better.

The days between my session and the surgery I practiced my affirmations that she sent to me which I firmly believe helped me maintain and grow the confidence I gained during my session.

My surgery went well and my recovery has been very good thus far. I am attending physio 3 days a week and have come into contact with others that have had the same surgery, looking at my progress compared to others I am doing much better than most. Is this a result of my session with Amanda? I would have to say yes to that! My attitude is always positive since my session. 

During my recovery I have embarked on starting my own business which is rapidly gaining momentum. Did my CTC session assist with this? Again I would say yes!

My new found level of confidence has helped me stay motivated and on track to kick off once my recovery period is over.

I would most definitely recommend Amanda and the CTC Therapy session!"

-Cliff Reed

"I can't even remember how I found Amanda's page, but it was clearly meant to be! The moment I met Amanda, I felt a sense of relief and had full trust in her words and her work. I can not begin to explain how much my mindset and life has changed in just a few short hours of completing my CTC session with Amanda. 

Amanda's work doesn't stop after the session. She is always happy answering any further questions, giving advice and mentoring at any time. I am so incredibly grateful to have drifted onto Amanda's page and made the lifelong investment!"

-Katharine, CTC Client via Zoom

"Amanda is amazing, so intuitive and accurate in her readings, I have had many from her and could not recommend her enough"

-Debbie Ohlsen

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