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The next level of your journey.
🌅Doors are officially open to jump into my 6 week signature Healing and personal growth program- RISE AND SHINE™️🌅 Rise & Shine™️ is a deeply expansive group program designed for those who are on their healing and growth journey and desire to go much deeper.

You will be held, supported, encouraged and empowered for six weeks in a potent container of connection with a tribe of dynamic Women while you journey deep within yourself, stripping back those layers, expanding your knowledge of yourself and the Soul journey so you can rapidly evolve all aspects of your life.

This program isn’t all rainbows and lollipops- it’s deep, raw, Soul shifting work and only for you if you’re truly ready to dive in and take full responsibility for your healing and growth. It requires you to do the work, to invest not just financially but also invest your time and energy, being fully committed to yourself so you’re able to rapidly shift your Soul and life!
The layout:
6 weeks
•Weekly LIVE Zoom content calls
•Weekly at home content & integration resources
•Tailored meditations, morning and evening routines and rituals
•Guided healing and clearing meditations
•Rise & Shine Sisterhood- Facebook private community where you can ask unlimited questions throughout the journey + receive support from myself and the Sisterhood.
•Optional 1 on 1 additional support

Some of the juicy content you can get excited about:
💎Getting crystal clear on your Vision, values & desires
💜Self worth & nurturing your inner child
❤️‍🩹Healing the Parent wound
🌀Boundaries & honouring YOU
〰️Triggers, inner critic & collapsing old timelines
🎭Dancing with your shadows
🕵️Becoming your Soul’s investigator
💸Money mindset & creation
🔓Unlocking and stepping into your potentiality
💥Breaking through ceilings of possibility
⚡️Using energy to attract everything you desire
🧘🏻‍♀️Aligning to the highest version of you

🌅Rise and Shine is literally my best creation to date and has evolved with me- this round is for those who are awakening and ready to pivot, it is elevated to take you even deeper than past participants!

I am so passionate about teaching and empowering others and I am so pumped to be bringing together this tribe of incredible Women to experience the next level of the program! You can see some of the previous tribe’s testimonials below which will give you an idea of what to expect.

🦋If you’ve been wanting to heal, make changes in your life and level up but not sure how-this is for you! This program is the ultimate Soul School for humans- your guide to healing, personal development and transformation. A remembering and reactivation of your power.

This mammoth up level requires you to:
👉Be open; READY to learn, expand & create- no more playing small.
👉Be WILLING to truly commit to diving in for YOU.
👉Be ABLE to do the integration work, daily and weekly exercises so you can rapidly shift during the program.

Starting at $222 a week, with payment plans and Afterpay available.
PREMIUM: $444 deposit + $222 per week over 4 weeks =$1332

ELITE: $666 deposit + $333 per week over 4 weeks =$1998 

Elite package includes a 60 minute 1 on 1 session + support, healing & empowerment  via messaging MON-FRI for the 6 week duration of the program.
✨ Commencing 31st August



👉Pay your deposit or pay in full to secure your place, then fill in the contact form below with your details. 

*All live sessions will be recorded and available for replay. You will have lifelong access to all content via our private Facebook community- this is also where you can receive support and connect with the tribe. If you do not have access to Facebook, you can still join by private arrangement, you will be emailed content. 


*Fill in the contact form below once you've made payment or if you have any questions regarding this program or get in touch via my socials


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