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                                                                                                                        •M Y S T O R Y•

Here, I share a raw insight into my story; Everything I’ve ever been through prepared me to be living in alignment with my Soul Purpose as a Healer.


✍️I lost my Sister to suicide almost 5 years ago, while 8 months pregnant. Every part of my being was shattered, my whole world was turned upside down. I suffered with PTSD, anxiety and depression and struggled with every aspect of life, including bonding with my newborn & toddler. I was so angry at my guides, I mean as a psychic how could I not know??? I was disconnected, angry at the world, and had mountains of guilt for not ‘saving’ her.

During this time, I adopted many unhealthy coping mechanisms & self destructive behaviours. I spent my time filling up with escapism and distractions- creating problems & taking on other people’s problems, fixing others while locking my pain away- I was a magnet for drama!

My marriage broke down and I was so disconnected from myself and everyone around me. Life was dark and at times I couldn’t see past the hour I was in.

I remember one night I was shown a vision of how life would be for my family and I if I continued on that path.

I remember making the decision that I didn't want to continue living this way, I wanted to fight. In that moment, I CHOSE to stand up and heal.

I began the long journey of reconnecting with myself and my guides, changing my daily routine to one that served me, and surrendering to the journey. I read books and become a seeker for understanding this deep loss. I learnt so much about grief and the other side. I began feeling and connecting with my Sister. My life was filled with signs from her and my perception began shifting.

I remember being too scared to open my heart as I believed I couldn’t handle facing the pain that was locked in there.

Upon reflection, it seems so backwards but at the time it made sense to build walls and match my broken heart with destruction!

I realised that in order to heal my heart I had to be gentle & loving to myself. 💡 My broken heart needed LOVE & connection to heal, not anger, pain & escape!

I spent a lot of time taking 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. I spent a lot of time with a beautiful Healer who ignited hope within me. I reconciled with my Husband and began deeply connecting with my Son & Daughter. I spent a lot of time outside and a lot of time journaling! I began meditating and doing yoga & connecting with myself. The more I faced this pain, the more I healed and the more the Universe supported me.

I started revelling in loving myself and changing my thoughts to ones that served me- attracting good health, peace, joy & love! I started Teaching which brought me so much joy and purpose.

I remember waking up one day feeling so strong, knowing I was on the other side of the depths of despair and knowing that having got through this, there’s absolutely nothing I can’t handle!

I declared to myself that I AM A WARRIOR!!!!!

I understood that I wasn’t meant to save my Sister, that it was her journey to take herself home- it wasn’t about me! I adopted acceptance.

I started having visions of myself in incredible health, healed and helping others heal.

I have learnt so much about myself, the universe, the body, mind & soul from experiencing my darkest times. I have grown so much and landed on my Soul Path.

Some of my biggest shifts occurred when I had my CTC Session. This cleared the subconscious mind, healed my inner child and connected my so deeply with my Soul Purpose.

I began the CTC Training, to become a Master CTC Therapist so I could offer clients deep healing. The training was intense- we can only take our clients as far as we have taken ourselves and although I thought I had healed I still had much to learn. I learned the processes inside and out & I learned to surrender!!!! I learned to love myself & my story- all of it and to let go of the shame I was carrying along with the need to hide the ‘dark’ bits. This was so freeing to me- I’d labeled parts of my story & learned to hide all the parts that exposed me as broken- the very parts that gifted me with the greatest lessons!

Successfully completing this training is one of my proudest moments!! Since then, the Universe has heavily supported me in building my successful business and attracting clients who I connect deeply with.

Healing is not only possible but probable and I share my story with you to give you hope!


You see-Losing my Sister was my REBIRTH. This had the ability to make me or break me. An opportunity for me to completely change the trajectory of my life. I had the choice. We will experience things during our Human journey that rock our entire being- I now understand that EVERYTHING happens for us- not to us. From our greatest falls come our greatest rises. It is only through these experiences that we find our courage, our strength, our inner warrior- this is how we grow. And it is our choice whether we sit in the mud or CHOOSE to grow!!


Everything I have ever been through has prepared me for living in alignment with my Soul Purpose as a Healer.

I’m so incredibly grateful to be on this path, to be shining the light for others while bringing healing & peace.

There is no greater gift than being a part of someone’s Healing Journey!


Below I’m sharing a very raw picture, taken 5 weeks after the loss of my Sister and 1 week after the Birth of my Son. I was lost, completely disconnected from myself and all that was, in the depths of despair and struggling to make it through each hour. Full of anger, fear, pain, guilt and suffering.

Beside this is a picture of me now- deeply and wholly connected to myself and all that is, completely aligned, full of love and beaming with gratitude for all that I am and for all that is.


🤍This is a just part of My Story- I experienced a lot of Childhood trauma, I spent 5 years in a violently abusive relationship, battled with drug addiction, even homelessness as a Young adult. And every single adversity has gifted me with blessings and the ability to connect deeply with others. 

You see, I wasn’t born into a perfectly blessed life where everything has always been amazing. I have been in the Dark many times and I have risen- I have done the work and I KNOW YOU do not have to suffer. It is not too late and it is not too hard to heal. Healing is not only possible but probable for everyone. The first step is CHOOSING to heal. If you’re ready to deeply heal and take your life back, get in touch to discuss how I can help you💜







I am Amanda Harris and I believe everything you need to heal your life and create the life you desire is within YOU! My goal, my purpose is to guide you in unlocking that aspect of yourself, igniting your inner power, activating deep healing and freeing you of all that holds you back! Whether you desire freedom from physical, emotional, mental ailments or you are seeking an increase in productivity, focus, motivation and zest for life- I can help you! You are one step away from having it all and it all begins with a choice! Are you ready to transform your life?

Contact me today for a complimentary chat so we can discuss how I am able to guide, support and inspire you on your healing journey.


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