Intuitively lead, these sessions are tailored to your needs- bridging the gap between where you are now & where you desire to be!

Empower YOU Intuitive Coaching sessions are an expansion of a Psychic reading; a tailored session where I listen, evaluate and guide you Intuitively.

Perfect for assisting you in breaking out of a slump, Empowering you to make decisions confidently, a safe place to vent and reset while Intuitively shifting you into peace and clarity.

During a session, you may receive Healing, Empowerment strategies, tools, resources, guidance and support so you leave feeling lighter, brighter and EMPOWERED!

These sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, Monthly or as a one off.

Duration: 60 minutes

Investment: $160

*Available both in person and via zoom. Appointments will be reserved each week specifically for EMPOWER You, to give you fast access to support when you need it most!  


Intuitive Mentorship is for you if you are curious to know and learn about all things Spirituality & self healing.

Are you seeking personal development? 

Want to know more about how everything you need is within you?

Ready to activate your intuition?

Are you hungry for knowledge about Spirituality and how to create the life you desire? 

Intuitive Mentorship sessions are a safe place for you to learn and develop.

During a session you have access to my expansive knowledge, learning about Self Love and connection, Energy and the Law of Attraction, Intuition and connecting with your guides, Meditation, Breathing exercises, Empowerment strategies, grounding & protection and much, much more!

These sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as a one off.


Duration: 60 minutes

Investment: $160

*Available both in person and via Zoom