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The Hidden gift wrapped in the 2020 Covid Choas

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

•2020• 2020 has by far, been the best year of my life. Whilst I understand and empathize that a lot of people were sick, some lost their lives, their jobs, their livelihood & most of us lost our ‘freedom’, I ask you this- Have you seen the big picture??? 2020 has gifted each and everyone one of us with a rare opportunity to pause, reflect & reset. You see, prior to 2020, a lot of people were victims of the rat race, living in a disconnected & distorted world, where priorities and values were sacrificed for working in jobs they didn’t like to buy bigger houses, newer cars, to have all ‘the stuff’ & many had lost sight of what’s truly important. A world where being so busy and barely spending anytime at home, connecting with ourselves and our loved ones was considered normal!!

This year, we all had to Home School- one of the greatest gifts to come from covid! This enabled Parents & Caregivers the unique opportunity to deeply connect with their Children. To be present. To be involved in their learning. To nurture them deeply throughout the days. Some Parents had spent their Children’s whole lives working 8-6 and had missed so much. 2020 pushed Parents to truly connect with their children, something our children will remember & cherish forever.

A lot of people lost their jobs. Whilst this was, at the time considered to be a hardship, this gifted a lot of people the opportunity, time and Space to reflect upon what they were spending a third of their lives doing & whether it was fulfilling! Many people were forced to pursue a different Career path or to adapt to the changing environment and work from home. A pause. A chance to change their trajectory. A very rare opportunity in a busy world to stop and re-evaluate whether they were living their best lives.

A lot of people were forced to stay indoors, with social distancing becoming the norm. THIS gifted people the perfect environment to go within. Removing all distractions that had overfilled our busy lives & minds, we were left with space, time and solitude to go within. To reconnect with ourselves. To stop escaping our soul’s needs through distraction. To nurture ourselves deeply & to heal. To overhaul our values, desires, priorities, needs & wants. To remember what’s truly important. To realign ourselves to our path. To get back on track.

Of course, free will exists, we get to choose how we perceive and play out our experiences. There are people who have chosen to sit in self pity and deny themselves these opportunities to grow, to expand and to go within. That too, is a lesson.

Either way, one things is for sure- There’s not one person who will end 2020 being the same person they were when they entered it. The year that the world stopped turning. We have all received (some painful) lessons, hidden blessings but most importantly, the Collective- all humans- have just experienced the greatest opportunity for Personal Growth in history!

2020 has been the best year of my life, by far. This has been the year that I stopped playing small & truly stepped into my power, the year I went so deeply within, reconnecting with myself, my guides and those around me & undertook the most incredible healing & growth experiences. This is the year that I was catapulted onto my path of healing others. The year we packed up our whole lives to move back to my hometown to support my Mum when she needed it the most. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the greatest gift of PAUSE, REFLECT & RESET we’ve ever had! This year hasn’t been full of rainbows & lollipops for me, I too, have experienced the roller coaster of ups and downs however I choose to focus on the incredible opportunities that have been hidden in the Covid pandemic. I ask, have YOU seen the big picture? Have you found the Collective’s greatest gift hidden & wrapped in Covid’s chaos???

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