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Unpack your baggage so your children don't have to carry it!

Breaking generational cycles is so incredibly powerful!

You can try your best to do things differently for your children - to teach them, nurture them & show them the ‘right way’ but if you haven’t cleared your own baggage- this will leak out in all you do and they will end up carrying that same baggage.

Our children are observing EVERYTHING. They are learning about what to carry and how to carry baggage by watching what we do with ours!

When ONE person takes the courage and time to break the cycle- to deeply heal and let go of the conditioning & subconscious programming, it not only frees that person but also their children & their children’s children too- Completely breaking generational cycles & paving the way for raising empowered, connected humans!

Did you know that most of our subconscious programming & beliefs are adopted by the age of 7?

The best time to clear your baggage- your programming & conditioning so your children don’t spend a lifetime carrying it, is before they hit 7.... the second best time is NOW!

If you’re ready to throw that baggage out, to be the pioneer & break the cycle, to heal yourself so deeply that you are able to create the life you desire for not only you, but your children, book your CTC Session today!

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